A Community Thread is a labor of love. I do this not only because I am curious about people, but also because I genuinely believe that the more we get to know each other, the greater our chances to find commonality and, in turn, peace. I know there are traditional routes of sourcing finances through becoming a non-profit or procuring corporate sponsorship, but I'm not convinced the good outweighs the potential for bad in either scenario. Instead, I hope that individuals will donate to keep this project going in its purest form.

For 2019, my hope is for 100 people to donate $100. I will include the names of each $100 donor below and also include a list of these folks in the next edition of the book. Venmo is my preferred form of payment and my handle on there is JoshuaLanglais. If you would prefer to send a check, please just shoot me an email at joshua.langlais@gmail.com to discuss the particulars. Thank you so very much for keeping this project alive.

2019 Donors

The Ale Apothecary

Bendy Dog

Preston Callicott

Moe Carrick

Thomas Curtis & Erika Spaet

Hunter Dahlberg

Ashlee Davis

Downtown Ornamental Iron

Luke Frazier

Micaela Hayden

Tim Hellmann

Kevin Kraft

Marcus LeGrand

R. Bruce Miller

Michelle Mitchell

Pure Light Family Chiropractic

Andrew Smith

Sandra Wentworth