I'm hoping to aid in the process of bringing us together by highlighting and sharing our commonalities. I believe that every single person has something in common with every other and that each of us can learn something from the next. I am often not the best at remembering that, especially when faced with someone who directly challenges me. But, with practice, I'm getting better at it. 

A Community Thread is an opportunity to celebrate our togetherness and to turn strangers into friends. I'll be adding content weekly, so visit here often to view portraits and read or listen to stories of folks who are determined to not just let life pass them by, but instead are pushing forward with their heads up and their hearts open. I learn something from each interview and it is my goal to share that wisdom, whether it comes through little nuggets or those grander revelations, with you. I began this project in December of 2016 by asking someone I knew to be the first subject. It has grown organically from there and now I ask each person to refer me to others.

The strength of this project is in its numbers, so you can be a huge help by sharing this with your various communities and networks. Additionally, a very concise version of this project lives on Instagram and an audio version is available as a podcast